Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Paintings

For Lily

For Claire

For Ryann

For Isabelle

For Bobby

For Abby

30 Dec 2011

For Christmas, I did mixed media paintings for some of my grandchildren. They were fun to do and each is different. Our other five grandchildren received a hand-made book about our time together last year. I enjoyed the process of working on each of these gifts, though I don't imagine most of my grandchildren can really appreciate what went into them.

Christmas with Laura's family was fun, but, I thought, at my age, I'd be in a position where children and grandchildren would be joining me on Christmas Day, instead of the other way around. Maybe, someday. . .

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I've Done a Little Painting and Crafting

Cut out lots of oversized paper trees to place on these 20' x 6' panels.
Made these cute reindeer on a 20' x 6' panel of felt.

9 Dec 2011

It may appear that I haven't been doing any painting, etc. since my last post, but, I have. Its just that some of the paintings are Christmas gifts, so I don't want to post pics and give anything away. Plus, I just realized that I forgot to take pictures of most of them before I wrapped them and sent them off to their respective recipients. Darn! I'll post something after Christmas with the pics I have.

I was also in charge of all the decorations for the church Christmas party and spent a good deal of time making things for that. (See pics)

So, I've enjoyed being creative and painting and making things since my last post. I just don't have many photos to show for it yet. . .